(Fake) SNOW!

I’m certain that at the end of this trip skiing is going to be high on the list of my best experiences. It was one of the things I was most excited for and it did not disappoint!

Moon arranged the excursion for us, and we went with him and 5 of his friends. That way we could split the accommodation and transport costs. We arrived at Muju Resort after a rather harrowing 3 hour journey there. Norman and I drove in Moon’s friends car, and his driving can be described as precarious at best. Speeding at 180km/h down a 4 lane high way, weaving through traffic is enough to make most people pale.

Our apartment was cozy, as most things tend to be when compared to the -12 degree temperature outside. The first thing I noticed was the obvious lack of beds. Norman and I exchanged looks but we didn’t say anything because it didn’t seem to concern anyone else. After some subtle investigation we found thin mattresses (like the type commonly put on pool loungers), and blankets in a cupboard.

The slopes at night

After settling in we layered on our skiing clothes and left to go skiing at night, which is something Norman and I have never done before. I haven’t skied in years so it took me a while to get going. I was still snow ploughing half way down the slope when everyone else was already at the bottom. I didn’t feel too bad though cause there were a lot of fellow amateurs face planting into the snow around me.

I thought we might have a bit of a problem with the showering and hot water situation, but I need not have worried. 3 guys emerged from one shower after a mere 5 minutes, explaining to me in broken English that it is Korean tradition for men to shower together. Well that was fine with me because it meant I could have a long, hot shower and wash my hair.

I put on a few extra layers the next day because I got a bit cold the evening before. Norman and I went on some runs alone because the others only wanted to start skiing later, and we went right to the top of the mountain and skied down some beautiful slopes. We had a break to eat dinner and then skied at night again.

Muju Ski Resort

The whole skiing experience was really great. The second day was the best because the snow machines had been on for long so the runs had nice, powdery snow as opposed to icy snow. They use snow machines because there isn’t much natural snow anymore. They basically just spray water at a high pressure and it’s so cold that it just freezes in the air and comes down as snow.

After yet another scary drive, we were back at Moon’s house. We were all exhausted so we took a day to relax and recover.


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