Bye bye Moonshine

Norman and I caught the train to Seoul yesterday, sadly without Moon. He was going to come to Seoul with us but plans changed and he had to stay. So after a ‘missing passport’ scare- I found it, thank goodness- we were off to the train station. Moon walked us all the way to our carriage and helped us load our luggage aboard. Then it was time to say goodbye (if you read that to the tune of the song, hi five, because so did I), which was really sad because realistically I can’t be sure if I will ever see Moon again.

Bye bye Moonshine

Bye bye Moonshine

I ‘ve always found that strange. How someone can know you rather intimately, and you them, and then your lives part ways. It somehow doesn’t seem right.

After a 5 and a half hour train ride, we arrived at what we thought was Seoul Station. Turned out it wasn’t, we were actually at a random station, so it took us much longer than we originally thought to get to the backpackers.

When we finally arrived, it was as dismal as the website made it out to be. I guess I should have seen the warning signs, like the numerous spelling errors on the website and a name of “Backpacker Mr Sea”. It was the most affordable one I could find so I can’t be fussy, and it has a sort of charm.

We spent the rest of the afternoon figuring out the complex subway routes by going to Itaewon and Myeong-dong. Itaewon is a very touristy area, so it had lots of Western restaurants. I was so excited but they turned out to be very expensive. We eventually found a semi-okay place that had burritos.

Myeong-dong is an amazing shopping area, filled with so many clothing, shoes and make up shops. It isn’t street markets, it is proper shops, so the prices are average. There were a lot of sales though, so if I was here to shop (which I wish I was!) I would have bought a lot.

I only got to bed pretty late, 2 AM, because the backpackers is quite noisy. People chat until early hours of the morning. As a result of that, and just being generally tired, I slept until 12 PM. Also, our room has no windows so there was no natural light to wake us. Breakfast ended at 11 AM, much to my dismay because breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. So once we were finally showered and dressed, it was lunch time and we just got McDonald’s. What a disappointing breakfast!

We did lots today so I’ll save that for another post.


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