Hi Thai(land)

After enough days braving cold weather, I welcomed our departure from Seoul to travel to Thailand. The trip was rather strenuous because we chose the cheapest option, so it could have been done in much less time. We caught the airport bus at 6 AM, and had to stand in the freezing cold without warm clothes because we sent them back to South Africa to avoid trekking them around Thailand and Indonesia. Luckily that was the last time I was to feel cold, and I think that one of these days I might long for it!

We had a 1,5 hour airport bus trip, then a 7 hour flight to Malaysia, a small wait there and then a quick flight to Phuket. We arrived at 6:30PM local time, so our total traveling time was around 14 hours. We found a minibus to take us to our hotel, and after Norm had to pay for two people because apparently his surfboards count as a person, we were off.

Our hotel is so dandy, and I feel really blessed to be able to stay in such a lovely place. Thanks mom! She booked the hotel for Norman and I for 4 nights as a gift. When these 4 nights are up it will be time to get into the rough backpacking, so I’m savouring every moment here! It really is so nice to be able to relax next to a pool, wake up to the most amazing buffet breakfast and sleep in white linen. Traveling South Korea was many things, mostly amazing, but one thing it was not was relaxing.

It was quite late once we had settled into our room and we were hungry, so we asked the man at the front desk where we could get nice food nearby. He directed us 2 minutes down the street to Eat 24, a basic Thai diner. I ordered red fish curry, and it was so delicious!

It was then that I realised this would be a month of great eating. I love Thai food.


3 thoughts on “Hi Thai(land)

  1. Nice post. Really jealous! I’d love to be in Thailand right now (I also live in S. Korea – and what you say about travel here not being relaxing also jibes with my experience).

    I blog about life in Korea (and sometimes about Thailand too), and I’m always looking to connect with other bloggers who share similar interests. Please drop by Sweet Pickles and Corn if you have a minute. My most recent post is a tongue-in-cheek look at the things that I don’t like about Thailand (because I wasnt able to be there this winter and am stuck at home reading about my friends’ trips on facebook). Cheers, and enjoy your travels!

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