Lazy Pool Days

It does feel like a crime that it took me 3 days in Thailand before I had my first swim in the sea, but the fact is that I’ve had trouble leaving this hotel! I was so exhausted from the traveling, and just being generally on the go, that I was content spending my days moving between my air-conditioned room and a pool lounger.

The pool... and a white whale blobbing about.

The pool… and a white whale blobbing about.

I don’t mean to exaggerate – I did leave the hotel many times. Norman and I would go on expeditions to find a restaurant to eat at, because I suppose when you have so much time at your disposal, you can afford to spend an illogical amount of time examining various menus. We also went on walks around the Patong area to see the beach and shops. But I hardly dared to stick my big toe into the water due to the high ratio of plump pink bodies to (milky looking) water.

We actually had a lot of fun looking at all the things for sale, and were tempted to buy some things! The thought of lugging extra stuff around Thailand was enough to make us at least postpone the shopping for when we are leaving Thailand.

Walking around... I don't know why but I stop and look at every fruit and flower store!

Walking around… I don’t know why but I stop and look at every fruit and flower store!

But other than that, we felt little need to venture out of the doors of our hotel, let alone the Patong area. I dare say, I don’t regret it! The next few weeks are going to be filled with beautiful beaches, scenery and just general exploring, so I am glad that I made the absolute most of my precious time in a hotel.


2 thoughts on “Lazy Pool Days

  1. Hi Max enjoy being spoilt all looks so interesting than you for sharing with us, I love reading your blog and seeing the photos you make it all come alive for us.

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