Missioning to Ao Nang

As luck would have it, the weather was the best it had been throughout our stay on the day we left Ko Yao Noi. Walking the 800m from our bungalow to the pier, I spent the majority of the time looking out over the sea. There was no wind at all, so the sea had an oily, glowing look. It was as if someone had taken paint in many shades of blue and swirled them over the ocean surface.

It was a bit sad to leave, because although I mentioned in my last post that this island can be a bit boring, it really grew on me in the last 2 days – I think because the weather was so good. People were so laid-back and friendly, and it was as if time ceased to be a factor in anyones daily life. It is contagious, and I can say that this attitude had definitely rubbed off on me. This was confirmed by that fact that Norman and I missed our first boat to Krabi and, completely unfased, lay in hammocks to await the next one.

The boat ride from Ko Yao Noi to Krabi was truly beautiful. The route cut through Phang Nga Bay, so we went in-between many limestone islands, and got to stare up at their untouched masses of greenery. Many people pay lots of money to go on tours in this bay, and there we were getting a mini tour for a more than mini price.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay

I didn’t expect the trek from the Krabi pier to Ao Nang bay to be as much of a mission as it ended up being. Krabi is the name of the area on the mainland, and Ao Nang is a small area within it. We were headed for Ao Nang because it had a nice beach and seemed like a nice, lively area. We were dropped on the side of the main road in Ao Nang, because that was as specific as our destination was. We hadn’t booked accommodation, not because of lack of trying, but because almost everywhere was full and the rest of the places needed a credit card to make a booking.

Norman waited with our bags while I walked up and down, asking many places if they had rooms available and at what price. Eventually we were so hot and bothered we would have settled for almost anything, when I happened across a hostel that was only 2 weeks old. I bargained it down by agreeing to 4 nights and paying cash upfront. It was so new that it was empty, and the linen so white and crisp that I’m sure no one had slept in it before. Norman and I had the whole dormitory to ourselves! In addition to all this, there was free coffee and toast. So it’s safe so say that we were very happy.

It was lovely to sleep in a completely bug free environment, on a comfortable mattress, in clean bedding. It’s amazing how small a thing can please us these days!


One thought on “Missioning to Ao Nang

  1. Please please please go to Thai Charm Cooking School Maxie. It is amazing and you won’t regret it!! So strange that you are in Ao Nang and we were there just weeks ago. Also go to Chicken Island to snorkel for a day. Love you and miss you xxx

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