Off to the beach in a bikini.

On Wednesday, the day after Norman and I arrived in Ao Nang and essentially our first full day there, we decided to have a beach day. We hadn’t actually had a proper one yet, which sounds crazy, but in Patong our hotel pool was given preference over the beach, and on Ko Yao Noi the beach wasn’t a place I would have liked to spend a whole day. So anyway, we packed our backpacks full of beach things, and walked down. We stay about 1km from the beach so you can’t avoid being extremely sweaty by the time you arrive there.

Needless to say, we started our beach day with a refreshing swim, and settled into a shady spot. The water actually isn’t that refreshing because it’s quite warm. I wouldn’t mind a dip in Cape Town’s ocean to be perfectly honest! That is a (rather clichéd) life truth that I am being taught on a daily basis. No matter what your situation is, no matter how idyllic, you will always desire something else that you perceive to be better. And if you do get it, you mostly realise it isn’t better, but rather just different. When I was in South Korea, I dreamt of the warm Thai beaches. Now, I wouldn’t mind teleporting there and walking around the freezing streets in a bikini because I’m so hot.

Ao Nang beach

Ao Nang beach

I bought some fruit from a stand on the side of the road – it was so tasty. It wasn’t cheap though, so I can’t make a habit of that. We walked the length of the beach, and discovered restaurants right on the sand, as well as plenty of massage parlours (I’m not sure one can even call them parlours – they are just mattresses on the sand under a roof) and nail bars. Right at the end of the beach we found a place where there were so many monkeys. Although there are signs everywhere, people completely ignore them and feed the monkeys anyway. They are so tame because of this, and people allow them to walk up their bodies and onto their shoulders and heads. I don’t agree with it because already some of the monkeys are quite cheeky, and it wouldn’t be safe for a young child to walk there with food. So eventually if things continue to head in their current direction, the monkeys are going to become too much of a nuisance and will probably have to be exterminated. And this would all be because people refused to obey the signs. Anyway, now that that rant is over…

It is cute when they eat though, look at those little hands!

It is cute when they eat though, look at those little hands!

We found a wooden path going up the mountain the surrounds the bay, and figured if we went over it it would lead into the next bay. After a strenuous uphill climb, we saw that it did. The bay is private and only accessible by boat, or the path we had just walked. The only development there is a resort. So we walked along and had a little swim before beginning the tiring walk back.

As the sun set we meandered along the promenade, peeking into the shops and glancing at the restaurants’ menus. Having eaten a disappointing pizza in one of the many Italian/ Indian/ Thai restaurants the night before, we agreed that local street food would probably be best for supper. I found that such a strange blend of cuisines for one restaurant to offer, and it only confirmed my opinion that restaurants that have a too varied a menu should generally be avoided.

Street food! Our favourite food stand. It's actually mobile - it's connected to a motorbike.

Street food! Our favourite food stand. It’s actually mobile – it’s connected to a motorbike.

I am going to end this post here because it had already been filled enough opinions and life truths –  I need to save some for future!


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