The search for some fun in Ao Nang

Although Ao Nang has lots of tourist attractions, many tend to be overpriced for the actual experience. Unsure of how to spend our Thursday, Norm and I asked the helpful lady who works at reception here at MDF Hostel if she had any ideas. We were keen to hire a motorbike because it has proved to be the easiest and most fun way to explore an area in the past. She suggested we go to the shell cemetery, which is basically a place with fossilised shells about 5km from where we were. This sounded rather enticing, and I was excited at the prospect of maybe picking up a few beautiful shells on the beach and seeing something historical.

We walked a little way down our road to rent a motorbike, and went off in the direction the receptionist tried to explain to us in her thick accent and broken English. I don’t really know how we get lost so seldom – things always just end up working out. This instance proved no different, and we pulled into a semi deserted parking lot 20 minutes later. It was definitely the shell cemetery, it just didn’t look very exciting. We figured that perhaps the parking lot was deceiving, as it isn’t really a fair way to judge how exciting a place is. A sign at the entrance gate said that we had to pay an entrance fee, but there was no one in the ticket booth so we just walked through. I am so glad that we escaped paying! I would have been seriously annoyed if I had, because the cemetery was pretty dismal. Not in the way that a traditional cemetery would be, because it wasn’t in any way sad or spooky. There was just nothing to see. It looked like someone had set a slab of concrete with some shells scattered over the top. Soon bored of looking at the slab, I checked out the nearby beach for some rare, fossilised shells that I could use to begin my collection of rare, fossilised shells, but there were none. So we walked the steps back up the parking lot and drove off. Like I said, I am just glad I didn’t have to pay the entrance fee!

We stopped by the local Tesco Lotus to buy some things, because my toiletries I brought from home are slowly beginning to run out. We then stopped by the local fruit market and I bought some mangos and a palmero grapefruit. I didn’t know what this was before I came to Thailand. It is like a very large grapefruit in appearance, and has a milder and sweeter taste. It is delicious! I had to stop by the fruit market because I love the fruit here and it’s overpriced if you buy it from the street vendors.

Next we drove along the road parallel to Nopparattara beach. It is the next beach up from Ao Nang, and pretty similar. We stopped by a few bungalows to scout out potential future accommodation, but decided that none lived up to our current backpackers, which we are growing fonder of by the day. I fear we won’t leave here for the rest of our trip!

Desperate for a bit of excitement, we had high hopes of coming across some sort of night life scene that night. For for first time since being here, we noticed a road going off the main road lined with neon lit bars. We strolled down and found ourselves looking into empty bars, filled with only poles and a few suspiciously male looking women. We managed about a full 2 minutes, but then decided that it was both boring and weird, and hopped back onto the scooter to find a better place. Norman loves blues/jazzy/swing music, so we settled on Boogie Bar, a place filled with 50 – somethings, beer and live music. I endured it for about 2 hours (that includes the half an hour mission I went on in search of a cheap Magnum ice cream), and then drove the 2 of us back on the scooter. It was my first attempt because Norman didn’t trust my fantastic driving skills and quick reflexes, very necessary when driving in Thailand. Nevertheless, we arrived back intact, except for my nerves which were slightly frazzled.

We didn’t take the camera along so I don’t have any photos to add to this post! Norman did, however, take videos, so you can watch the short vlog of our day below.


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