Thai cooking class!

Since the day I set foot in Thailand, I have eaten amazing Thai food every single day. While some dishes are better than others, none have been a disappointment. I actually wake up in the morning looking forward to what I’m going to eat for dinner. The food is that good.

While researching things to do in Ao Nang, and checking the reviews on Trip Advisor (which has honestly been a life saver on this trip because it really helps you get an accurate review on what you are going to do so you don’t waste money), I came across some cooking schools. Thai Charm Cooking School had the best reviews, and my cousin, Robyn, went there a month ago and loved it, so I booked with them.

I booked a morning class, 9:00-13:30, on Friday the 21st and chose 7 dishes I wanted to cook.

The class was really enjoyable, and I went and added to the positive Trip Advisor reviews by writing my own! Haeng, the chef, was so friendly and full of jokes. He probably laughed more than he spoke the entire morning, and he was so eager for us to not only learn the dishes, but love them too. I particularly liked that he made us do everything ourselves, because doing each and every step really helps you learn and remember the recipe.

IMG_4535 IMG_4566

There is a Walking Street Market that pops up every weekend, so Norman and I took a walk down it that evening. There were second-hand clothing stalls and lots of different types of food. It was small and we had heard of a bigger one in Krabi Town, so we went there on the scooter.

The night market in Krabi Town was really big. It had similar stalls to the ones in Ao Nang, just more of them and more variety. There was a lot of food being sold but some of it looked a bit too dubious for me, and I finally settled on a safe-looking chicken kebab. For dessert I had the most delicious coconut ice cream. It was so tasty, and was served in a freshly hollowed out coconut.

The drive from Krabi Town to Ao Nang is about 25km, and due to the lack of road signs and street lamps, we got lost driving home. At several robots we asked people on scooters around us which direction we needed to go in, and we eventually got to familiar looking roads. On our way back we saw another market, so we stopped off to have a look. It wasn’t aimed at tourists, and catered more for locals. I bought a pair of second-hand high waisted shorts for only 60 baht (R20), from a stall that had hundreds of pairs of jeans hung up everywhere.

I am going to write a post solely dedicated to the cooking class because it was so amazing. I will post recipes and tips from Haeng as well.

I am also always going to post the link to the video that relates to the blog, because sometimes it’s nice to see my words come to life in videos. The video should be posted in the next few hours and then I will add the link.


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