Railay Beach Day

Railay is famed as a beautiful beach, and a ‘must see’ when in Krabi, so I didn’t have a choice but to go and see it for myself.



Railay is only accessible by long tail boat, so we bought tickets for 100 baht each (one way). It’s a pleasant and quick trip, and your boat will slide up onto the sand a mere 10 minutes after leaving Ao Nang beach. Being well-known, there were a lot of other long tails dotting the shoreline, but we didn’t mind because it was to be expected.

After scanning the beach from top to bottom, we decided to walk to the top (right when facing the beach) and settle in the shade. I definitely recommend making that your base for the day because it is quite secluded, and much cooler than the rest of the beach.

Fast becoming experienced and rather savvy ‘beach goers’, Norm and I spread out our beach mats against a low wall that separates the beach from a hotel property, under a large tree.

I didn’t get much of a tan because the cool shade was just too pleasant to leave, and I could not force myself to move my towel into the sweltering sun and bake there for an hour. Nevertheless, we had a really good beach day! I spent the majority of the time reading, and I don’t regret it one bit. The beach is in a beautiful setting, surrounded by limestone cliffs and greenery, and one can’t help but relax.

Me relaxing in the shade on my beach mat.

Me relaxing in the shade on my beach mat.

We did try to snorkel but the visibility was so bad that I couldn’t see my outstretched hand!

We headed back to Ao Nang just before sunset, at 100 baht pp again.

My top tips when visiting Railay Beach:

1. Take your own drinks and snacks for the day. The prices of things are definitely inflated at the shops there. For example, water costs 20 baht as opposed to 7 baht back in Ao Nang.

2. Set up camp at the Southern end of the beach.

3. Take pictures!

4. Don’t bother trekking snorkelling gear there, it really is unimpressive.

5. Leave before 6PM, because after that the cost of the trip back increases.

The view down the beach.

The view down the beach.

My "Why are you taking a photo Norman?" face

My “Why are you taking a photo Norman?” face.


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