A lovely lunch

I am typing this from “Beach House Restaurant”, which sits on a deck overlooking a beautiful little bay. There is a slight breeze today, which blows ones troubles away along with the heat because it is so pleasant!

The host at the restaurant greeted me so kindly, and proceeded to sit at my table and explain the menu to me, making valid recommendations.

She then told me I am more than welcome to swim, and there is a shower just next to the restaurant for me to rinse off in afterwards.

I am honestly so relaxed, just gazing out at the gently rocking fishing boats and glittery water.

Above me, an array of Asian lanterns add colour to the white washed finishes. An orchid sits in a ceramic vase on my table made from driftwood, and alongside me there are mobiles of wooden birds with whirring feather tails.

I feel as if my heart is about to burst with gratitude, because I’m feeling so blessed to be here, in this exact moment.




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