Making new friends and some Thai nightlife

At MDF Hostel in Ao Nang, Norman and I stayed in a dormitory. It was quiet at first but we stayed there for 8 days, and by the end we were good buddies with the receptionist, and had made friends with the new additions to the dorm.

Our receptionist kept begging us to meet her for a drink at her friends bar, Kitty Bar (the epitome of class), so towards to end of our stay we gave in and went. Fernando, our friend from Chile, came with us. We walked there from the hostel, with beer bought from 7 Eleven, bottles sweating from the heat almost as much as our bodies were. Fernando filled the 1km with chatter, telling us tales from his travels, and making us laugh with some of his expressions. People who speak English as a second or third language unintentionally say the funniest things!

We arrived at a cluster of bars, and spotted Kitty Bar among them. We walked past the other bars, all filled with poles, neon lights and old foreign men. Kitty Bar was actually milder than the rest, and we joined our receptionist (I don’t remember her name!) at a table. The boys and her split a bottle of rum and cans of coke, because there was a deal if you bought bulk. I hastily opted out and went to 7 Eleven to buy a Breezer instead.

After a while, we got bored of the music and tired of playing pool, so we moved on to places with dancing. We drove with our receptionist on her scooter, which I usually would never do but it was so close and the roads were quiet. The club probably had 2 other people in it… it was so empty! I lost my inhibitions and was the only person dancing most of the time but it was fun nevertheless.

At about 3:00AM we went to another club just downstairs, and there were a lot more tourists there. The dance floor was filled with all and sundry, and just watching people move around the dance floor was entertaining. They played very commercial music so we pranced around (I quite literally pranced around the entire dance floor like a delusional fairy) and sang along. Fernando made friends with a Thai girl who called me ‘lovely lady’ all night, so he didn’t want to go back to the hostel when we did. At about 5:00AM my eyes began to droop, so Norman and I commenced the 2km trek back to the hostel by foot because the taxis were so expensive. I got MacDonald’s on the way, which may or may not be the highlight of my whole night because I hadn’t had it since Korea (where is was a daily staple)… I am still deciding.

It turned out to be a surprisingly fun night, filled with meeting new people then proceeding to dance with them.


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