The geography of Koh Lanta

Norman and I arrived in Koh Lanta last Wednesday, the 26th of February. The trip was almost double as long as I expected it to be, and I suppose 4 times as long for Norman because half way there he realised he forgot his laptop at MDF Hostel back in Ao Nang and had to go all the way back to fetch it.

Our accommodation is located on Klong Khong beach, which is almost halfway down the west coast of Koh Lanta Yai. All the nice beaches are located along the West side of the island, while the East side is less developed, and has beautiful untouched forests. We rented a motorbike and drove around the whole island, which showed us how stark the difference between the 2 sides is. Both are lovely, but I am glad we are staying on the West side because we are close to many nice beaches, and lively (well, in comparison to the East) areas. Also, there are amazing sunsets visible from the West coast.

Our first bungalow was very basic and rustic. It was infested with all sorts of animals, including rats evidently because things of ours have had chunks bitten out of them, and just last night Norman’s sealed mini Oreos got opened… and not by me! This morning I found a pair of panties that were almost half eaten away. I was surprisingly unfased by it because I sleep with ear plugs in, so I don’t hear the constant rustle and chirping stemming from our walls that keeps Norman up all night. And we have no grounds on which to complain because it is only costing us 400 baht a night (13$), including breakfast.

We spend our days reposing at the beach or foraging for bargains in the form of food or clothes at markets. It sounds the same as what we have been doing in other places, but this island has a completely different atmosphere and energy from any other place I have been to in Thailand. The beach we are staying at in particular has such a hippy vibe, and the bars look as if they jumped out of a magical forest. It is difficult to explain, but I will post pictures of the beach in another post!


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