Norman’s Birthday and Koh Lanta’s beaches

I think that I was equally excited for Norman’s birthday and going to see the beaches in the South of Koh Lanta. I had seen pictures of them, and read up a little, and in reality they didn’t disappoint. We drove down all along the coast, to as South as we could, and then chose beaches on our way back.

They had pellucid, blue water, and clean sand, and weren’t very full at all. I was so glad that I remembered to pack snorkels, and Norman even saw a massive puffer fish. I can’t vouch for that because I never saw it! We picnicked at 2 of the beaches, but had had our share of sun after that so we decided to head back to the bungalow.

I orchestrated a little Skype get together with Norman’s family, so that they could sing Happy Birthday to him while I carried in the cake. It was more complex than I thought it would be! The Skype connection was bad, Norman had to close his eyes to keep the whole thing a surprise and the candles wouldn’t light because of the breeze. But it was a thoughtful gesture and I think he appreciated it anyway, so that’s all that matters.

After having a bite to eat from some street stalls, we wondered along the beach choosing a place to have a massage. It was just past sunset, but we wanted a place overlooking the water anyway. The massage was the best I  had in Thailand! I was so relaxed that afterwards I was ready to head straight back to the bungalow and sleep.

I didn’t do that of course, as it was Norman’s birthday after all, and we he wanted to go and see a fire show. We sat at a restaurant that was dug out of the sand. They dig out a square, cover it with mats, and put a small, low table in the middle. We watched the fire show from our cute seats, to some really nice music.

I think that most things went according to my birthday plan. I never got to blow up the balloons, but other than that I think that everything went quite swimmingly!


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