Bali: Supposed island of the gods

Our arrival in Bali certainly didn’t seem to be blessed by any Balinese gods because we just had the worst luck. After a 12 hour journey to Denpasar in a run down bus that we paid far too much for, we were dropped at the wrong station! This was becoming a despairingly common occurrence, and at 5AM with very little sleep under my belt, I was not exactly in the mood to figure out yet another obstacle.

Apparently there are 2 bus stations in Denpasar and we were dropped at a small, new one. This wouldn’t have been a problem if it had all the normal transport that is usually available from a bus station, but it only had taxis without a meter. And once again, only us foreigners, not the locals, were dropped there. It was becoming so blatantly obvious that the locals all support each other by tricking the foreigners and thus forcing them to pay extra for the extra transport they will require to get to the main bus station… the bus station where everyone else was dropped!

So fed up with being lied to, I showed no mercy towards the taxi driver who promised to drive us to Kuta for 50 000 IDR, and upon us fetching our bags and being ready to go, he acted as though he didn’t know who we were and said it would cost 150 000 IDR. We were also told there was no other way to get to the main bus station. Really? In a city like Denpasar there is no local public transport to the main bus station? Finding that extremely hard to believe we walked to the main road and stood on the curb, and low and behold 5 minutes later a local mini bus stopped and drove us there for 10 000 IDR each.

We caught a bemo taxi (open minibus) from Denpasar to Kuta for 75 000 IDR, and were dropped at a mini mart in the centre of Kuta. We had no accommodation booked, it was 6AM, and I was disgustingly filthy and desperate for a shower. The situation was far from ideal.

I am the type of person that needs to eat breakfast… I struggle to function without it. Knowing this, Norman left me at the mini mart to concoct some semblance of a breakfast while he went to walk down Poppies 2 (a main road in Kuta) in search of cheap accommodation.

I somehow managed to eat cornflakes… I can be so resourceful when hunger calls! I bought a small box of milk from the mart, found a tupperware to put the cornflakes in, and stole some sugar syrup from the coffee section in the mart. It may or may not have been the most satisfying bowl (or tupperware) of cornflakes I had ever eaten.

I had unrealistically high hopes of the accommodation we would find, so I was a bit disappointed with our smelly room with only a fan that we managed to check in to. I was too tired to protest, let alone go in search of an alternate place, so I kept my thoughts to myself as we moved our stuff in.

Norman decided that since he was up at the ideal time for surfing in Bali (earlier means less crowds), he may as well get his boards wet for the first time in 2 months and go catch some waves. I wished him well and declined his offer to go sit on the beach and watch him. I knew that for my own sanity I needed to shower, brush my teeth and then go straight to sleep!


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