How to do beach days and surfing in Sanur, Bali

Sanur is the polar opposite of Kuta. I didn’t see any chain restaurants while I was there, it has a relaxing atmosphere and it has more locals than tourists. There isn’t much to do there except bask in the sun and relax, but it is the perfect place to do that so I really enjoyed it.

We stayed in Pineapple Hostel, which was really nice as far as hostels go. We only stayed for a few days and during that time Norman surfed some killer waves, I tanned, we got stuck in an insane tropical storm, and ate the best Indonesian food we have had to date.

Beach day:

I packed my backpack with all my beach goodies: a towel, sunscreen, juice, camera and kindle. The beach seems to only have one main access point, but we learnt of other secret points from the hostel owner. We got to the beach by walking straight through the lobby of a hotel on the beach! They don’t own the beach property so although it looks private, they don’t have the right to stop you. From there we walked along the beach until we had passed the string of hotels and gotten to the string of beach restaurants. The restaurants are owned by locals so they have well priced Western and Indonesian food. In front of them there are beach loungers that you can rent for the day. I rented a lounger while Norman went to surf, and because they are owned by the restaurant I ordered my lunch from my lounger, and had a meal with a killer view.

Surfing in Sanur:

Okay, I didn’t do this but Norman did so I know how its done. You can’t surf off the beach because there is a reef about 1km away, making the sea up to the shore flat, so the waves are at the reef. You can paddle there or go by boat. If you walk to the beach you can chat to some of the local boat owners. They will tell you the price (50 000 IDR) and their departure times. They are very flexible and you can rent the whole boat privately for 100 000 IDR. There are 2 spots on the reef where you can surf, and the boat owners will be able to tell you where the waves are better.

Best local food in Sanur:

I considered not adding this to the post because I can’t remember the full name of the restaurant! But it was so good that I will put in what I can remember, and if you find yourself in Sanur hungry for some local food, you can ask around and I’m sure someone will be able to tell you where it is. It is called Warung Jawa (something). The food is so well priced because it is a local restaurant, and also really tasty.




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