Pitstop in Kuta for some partying and shopping

Our next destination was ideally going to be Canggu, a more suburban area that we stumbled across by chance while exploring the area when we first rented a bike from Kuta. We wanted to go stay at a surf hostel there straight after leaving Sanur. This wasn’t possible because it was fully booked, so we booked accommodation in Kuta for 2 nights because it is on the way to Canggu.

We weren’t charmed to be back in Kuta, but we decided to make the most of our time by doing things that are specific to Kuta. Also, it wasn’t so bad because our accommodation was central and clean, and had a modern, fresh pool. We decided that while we were there we would go partying because we hadn’t experienced Kuta’s infamous night life yet, and that we would do any shopping we had to do because we didn’t know if we would be back.

The pool at the accommodation

The pool at the accommodation

The choice of where to go out partying was almost made for us. Promoters walking around the streets handed out invitations and vouchers for Sky Garden, so because the entry would be free for us, and there were free drinks, we decided we should go there. They obviously wanted to get as many foreigners there as possible and that’s why they had such an appealing advertising campaign. How could we say no to literally a free night out?

Because our invitations and vouchers were only valid from 9PM, we went to a mini mart and had a beer or 2 after dinner while we waited for the time to roll around. There were so many other young people at the mini mart’s tables, and we realised everyone goes there to drink before they go out because it’s so cheap! We quickly made friends with the rowdy group next to us who were playing charades off an iPhone App. They were from all different countries, and it ended up being such a humorous and interesting experience, filled with a multitude of accents and jokes.

Sky Garden is the nicest and probably the most elaborate club I had ever been to, and we had a great time there. It has many floors, each with different bars, dancers and music. After sampling the music and vibe on each floor we settled on the highest floor, which was the VIP travellers lounge. It had the most universal and commercial music because it had to cater for such a variety of people, and it was packed full of people from a range of nationalities. The free drinks were vile, and so strong, so I passed most of them on to Norm. When we tired of dancing we went down a few floors to a more chilled lounge, and had a big plate of french fries.

By that time we were feeling sleepy so we called it a night and walked back to our accommodation. On the way we got chatting to some locals who were sitting outside their shop, and ended up having the most bizarre conversation I have ever been apart of. It involved drugs, Australians and Viagra (which is basically a drug).

Our shopping experience was a bit more mundane, but not too much so because Norman bought a ukulele! He decided that he wanted to learn an instrument this year and that that would be a good one to try. I was a bit jealous because I wanted to learn it too, but I didn’t want to steal his thunder so I didn’t buy one.

The ukulele!

The ukulele!

Our time in Kuta quickly came to an end, and we eagerly headed off to Canggu.

Bye bye Kuta and hello Canggu!

Bye bye Kuta and hello Canggu!



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