Top 5 things to do in beautiful Bingin, Bali

Bingin Beach is close Uluwatu on Bali. We stayed there for 4 days after leaving Legian, and it was a welcome change. It is difficult to believe that this haven exists just a 45 minute drive away from Kuta, because they are worlds apart. Bingin, and the whole Uluwatu area is so green and lush, and much less busy than Kuta.

The only way to access the beach at Bingin is to walk down the cliff down stairs. The lack of a road, or any easy access to the beach means that it isn’t very full or busy by Bali standards, and its authenticity has fully been preserved. The majority of the accommodation by the beach, as well as the restaurants, are owned by locals, which means everything is very affordable. It gets more expensive as you move up the cliff because the accommodation gets more luxurious and upmarket.

Because my mom booked our accommodation, we stayed at such a stunning place called Mick’s Place, and it was the first time that I felt I had discovered paradise on Bali. Every morning we ate breakfast while overlooking the ocean, and it was also the perfect spot to watch the surfers. The sunset was spectacular every single evening, and we usually enjoyed it from the rim flow pool.

My experience of Bingin was a peaceful, relaxing one. I went to yoga down the road from where we stayed twice, which was a challenging but good experience. I hadn’t done any form of yoga or pilates in a long time so I was so weak! It didn’t matter though because most of the class attendees were also people on holiday, so it catered for all abilities.

My mom also booked us spa treatments twice, and the spa also overlooked the ocean so it was the definition of tranquil! In the evenings there are seafood BBQ’s on the beach, much cheaper and apparently better than the famed ones at Jimbaran. We ate down on the beach twice (don’t know why I happened to do everything twice?), and both times the food was very tasty, and eating by candle light really added to the atmosphere.

I highly recommend Bingin to people both in search of a backpacker bargain and a luxurious experience. Head down the cliff towards the beach if you are looking for the former, and stick to the top of the cliff if you are looking for the latter.


I already mentioned all my top experiences in Bingin, but I am going to put them in list from anyway!


1. Go to a yoga class. These take place at the Temple Lodge at 8AM, and at Mu’s at 9AM. They cost 100 000 IDR per class. There are also late afternoon classes but I prefer the mornings because they’re cooler.

2. Snorkel at high tide. The area between the reef and the beach really fills up at high tide, and it is pretty to snorkel there. It gets prettier when you head down towards Impossibles.

3. Have a spa treatment. I had mine at Mick’s Spa. This is not for those on a budget because it costs a lot more than having a treatment done in town. But if you are in search of being pampered in a beautiful setting, 90 minutes of it will set you back about 300 000 IDR… which is not too bad by international standards.

4. Go to the seafood BBQ on the beach. I tried 2 out of the (I think) 3 places. Although a bit more pricey, the food was the best at the first restaurant. By first I mean closest to the Bingin wave.

5. Read. It is the perfect place to unwind with a book, and I did it often!



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