RECIPE: Dadar Gulung (Indonesian Coconut Pancakes)


I discovered these pancakes in a warung the other day and fell in love with them! This is probably because I love pancakes, and I love coconut, so how could the combination of the 2 not be the perfect dessert? I asked the cook at the warung what the recipe was and she gave it to me in very broken English. After doing some research on the internet, I combined all my newly acquired knowledge of dadar gulung and attempted them myself when we were staying in a villa with a kitchen. They were a success and so I decided to post the recipe I formulated as a combination of all the others I had researched, and also pictures of the process and ingredients.

RECIPE: DADAR GULUNG (makes 10 pancakes)


For pancake sheets:

250g/2 cups all purpose flour

pinch of salt

2 eggs

300ml coconut milk

+- 100ml water

few drops of pandan paste/ green food colouring


For filling:

250g finely grated coconut (desiccated coconut in the baking section will suffice if you can’t get fresh coconut and grate it)

150g palm sugar (or 100g castor sugar)

100ml water

2 tablespoons cinnamon

pinch of salt

pandan leaves (optional)

NOTE: Pandan leaves are long thin leaves widely available in indonesia. They give the pancakes their green colour and add an extra flavour dimension. Either a ready bought paste is used or the leaves are processed to extract the juices. Pandan paste should be available from an asian supermarket, but green food colouring can be used as a substitute.


1. To make pancake batter combine flour, salt, eggs, and coconut milk. Mix

2. Add water while stirring until the batter has a thin consistency. Exactly how much water varies depending on whether you used coconut milk or coconut cream (which is thicker).

3. Beat the batter to remove lumps.

4. Add a few drops of pandan paste or green food colouring.

5. To make the filling combine the coconut, sugar, salt, cinnamon and water in a pot on the stove. Add torn up pandan leaves to the mixture if you have.

6. Mix continuously on a medium heat for about 5 minutes, or until water has evaporated and the mixture is moist (not dry).

7. Do not let the mixture burn.

8. Remove from heat and remove the pandan leaves. Set aside.

9. Put some butter in a heated pan on the stove spread it around the pan.

10. Spoon some batter into the centre of the pan and spread it to the edges by swirling your wrist.

11. Flip after a minute, or when there are bubbles on the pancake and it has cooked through.

12. Put pancake on a plate when cooked.


Put about a tablespoon of the filling in the middle of the pancake and spread it a little with the back of the spoon. Flip the bottom of the pancake over the mixture before folding each side of the pancake in like a tortilla. Continue to roll it.

Enjoy with some lime squeezed over the pancake, or even better, a scoop of ice cream!



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