A little luxury in Lembongan

Norman and I were blown away when we saw the villa my mom had booked for us 3 when we left Sadeg. It was a proper 3 bedroom house with a fully fledged kitchen, TV lounge and pool. And we were in heaven! The view was of greenery and pink bouganvillias, with the ocean peeking out behind. I got to have my own bedroom and bathroom, and I was also excited about the kitchen. The novelty of eating out quickly disappears when every single meal is eaten at a restaurant, so I was craving something home cooked… So I cooked dinner that night, as well as breakfast.


I just truly felt like I had transported back home and had all the luxuries I took for granted in the past. That sense of comfort was very relaxing, and we all felt at ease those few days we spent in Villa Nusa. We felt a bit guilty for spending so much time at the villa and not out and about, but we had already explored the island while staying at Sadeg so it made sense for us to enjoy our time in the villa. I cooked a lot, we watched movies, we swam, and just sat in our lounge reading magazines – how blissful!

The villa came with a chef and a house keeper that doubled as a qualified masseuse. She offered very affordable massages on the upstair balcony, so we were pampered in the comfort of our own home.

Norm getting a massage on the balcony

Norm getting a massage on the balcony

While on this luxury spree we went to a boutique hotel and restaurant called Indiana Kenanga twice. The first time we went to the creperie, and the second time we went to the main restaurant for our last dinner on Nusa Lembongan. Both times the food and service were top notch!  The couple at the table next to ours got engaged, and we witnessed the proposal from front row seats. It was very cute, and my mom and I both shed a tear.

Those few days spent on Nusa Lembongan were truly dreamy, and I will treasure those moments forever!


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