Fruit carving in Ubud, Bali

Ubud offers many unique classes in a variety of crafts and trades. We honestly had a difficult time choosing which one we wanted to do because we didn’t have time to do several. After wrestling between silversmithing and fruit carving, we decided on fruit carving because my mom figured that it was a skill that could be used back home. I was keen, so we dragged Norman along and went to a class.

The class was taught by Wayan, a patient Balinese man. He showed us a few basics, and then armed with some knives and a watermelon, we began hacking away. We each carved something different, which was nice because it allowed us to be exposed to more than one carving.

Half way through we were brought delicious fried banana and pineapple, and sweet tea. Wayan kept telling us not to hurry, and that it was supposed to be relaxing. He just wanted us to take our time and sip tea!

The class was heaps of fun, and it was nice to allow our creativity to flow. I was thoroughly impressed with all of our results seeing that it was all of our first attempts at carving fruit! We took some pictures and left with a few handy techniques to go and use at home.


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