Admin days in Bali

Feeling thoroughly refreshed and reenergised when my mom left, Norman and I jumped into planning our remaining weeks in Indonesia. Up until the day we left we hadn’t given it more than a moments thought because we were relishing not having to give anything much thought. We decided to set up in cheap accommodation in Legian (basically an extension of Kuta), because it was a familiar area to us, and organise ourselves. We had visas to extend, budgets to work out and an ultimate path to map out.

I spent several afternoons sitting in a McCafe because it had okay WiFi, while our accommodation had none, and doing some planning. We knew we wanted to go to Lombok, the island East of Bali, but we had to find a cheap way to get there. I did some research on the island because it is Muslim, not Hindu like Bali, so I needed to work out if there was a dress code I needed to adhere to or any customs we should familiarise ourselves with.

After stopping and chatting at several tourist information booths, we learnt that the cheapest way to Lombok was to catch a shuttle to Padangbai (75 000 IDR from Kuta). The cheapest way is always the most lengthy, so I suggested we spend a few nights in the coastal town of Padangbai, that has the harbour from which the ferries to Lombok leave. There was apparently good snorkeling to be done there anyway, and there were some temples nearby that I wanted to visit.

So after extending our stay in Legian twice, we finally got our stuff together and managed to leave. Our shuttle was coming at 6:30AM, and we had gone out the night before, but we were determined not to extend another night.

Our travels from there on were a bit taxing, but we were out of Legian and ready to explore new frontiers, which was all that mattered.


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