Secluded days in Sumbawa

At the place where we stayed in Sumbawa, which was just outside the village of Sekonkang, there was not much going on. Other than a few basic hotels there was a small local village, and nothing else. We ended up spending almost 2 weeks there for some reason. I think we ended up staying for so long because I got horribly sick for 4 days and wouldn’t even consider leaving my bed. Also, there really was good, uncrowded surfing there, and our accommodation was cheap!

I read many books on my Kindle, which was nice because it is so easy to get caught up in travelling and forget to do things like read. I also photographed and filmed Norm surf a few times. And somehow, if you add napping and searching for coconuts, 2 weeks had passed!

One of the staff at the hotel, Hendri, was the most amazing man. We quickly befriended him, and he filled our time there with many laughs! He is so kind, and always wanted to help us. He even took us to find a local waterfall (which we never did find) and let us ride his 2 week old, 2500$ motorbike. We went for dinner with him in a nearby town too, and one night he also set up a little table in the garden at the hotel and we ate there together. He even agreed to keep Norman’s surfboards and one of our bags when we left Sumbawa to go to Flores.

Norman wasn’t too keen to go to Flores, the next island after Sumbawa, because it is a long distance to travel. I, on the other hand, had my heart set on it because of the supposed amazing diving there, and just general beauty of the island. After much convincing, Norman agreed to the lengthly trip that would include coach busses, ferries and bemos, and we set about making a plan. Hendri helped us a lot by booking accommodation along the way and mapping the easiest route to Flores. He is actually originally from there so he was very familiar with all the travel involved.

Once everything (well as much as possible) was organised and booked, we set off for Flores. We only had one bag and one backpack between us to make things easier, but even that didn’t make the trip painless!


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