Photo of the Week: 6

This picture was snapped in Padangbai at one of my favourite beaches in the whole of Bali. It’s my favourite for obvious reasons – the clear water, the surrounding scenery and the perfect sand. Plus, there is a chance of spotting turtles or small sharks if you snorkel just off the shore. The beach can […]

Kuta, Lombok: The Polar Opposite of Kuta, Bali

You don’t have to be in Kuta, Lombok for longer than a minute to realise how starkly it contrasts Kuta, Bali, and in the best way possible. Kuta, Lombok is rustic and authentic… it is dotted with local warungs, pot holes and cows. It isn’t much more than a main road with some side streets. […]

Photo of the Week: 5

I met this man while Norman was surfing the other day. He is a fisherman in Mawi, a rural part of Lombok, Indonesia. He couldn’t speak a word of English and I couldn’t understand what he was trying to say to me, but we somehow managed to communicate and he posed for a photo. Although […]

Photo of the Week: 2

This post is a little late, but punctuality has never been my thing. This photo was taken by Norman the other evening from our accommodation on Bingin Cliff, Bali. It hasn’t been edited at all, so to me it is the epitome of natural beauty. There were several photos taken as the light quickly faded, […]

Koh Phi Phi: A tainted paradise

I had low expectations of Koh Phi Phi because it doesn’t boast a very good reputation for being a tranquil, Thai island. People had warned us against visiting, saying it was overpriced and commercial. These things are true, but Koh Phi Phi remains a visually beautiful island, that impressed me, even after almost a month […]