Trans Flores Roadtrip: Part 1

Having done extremely minimal planning (basically none at all), and armed with just a free tourism booklet on Flores, we set off on our motorbike across Flores. We made for quite a sight – the 2 of us and our 2 bags squeezed onto 1 motorbike. The guy we rented the motorbike from suggested that […]

Komodo Dragons, Sharks and Manta Rays

Labuan Bajo offers a lot in terms of adventure, and that it one of the reasons I was so excited to spend a few days there! It is the perfect base from which to go on a trip to see komodo dragons, dive with sharks and manta rays, and go trekking to see waterfalls. As […]

Photo of the Week: 5

I met this man while Norman was surfing the other day. He is a fisherman in Mawi, a rural part of Lombok, Indonesia. He couldn’t speak a word of English and I couldn’t understand what he was trying to say to me, but we somehow managed to communicate and he posed for a photo. Although […]

It’s okay to miss your mom!

Over the course of my travels I had spent sporadic moments tearing up over my longing to feel like someone other than myself is in charge of my life. Being far away, especially in some of the lesser-civilized areas of the world, and not always able to contact anyone left me feeling squarely responsible for […]

My Nyepi Experience

Nyepi is a sacred and important day to the Balinese, and this was clearly demonstrated by their thorough preparations for the event. For weeks before there were posters and signs up notifying everyone that shops would be closed on the 31st March. This is because on Nyepi everyone is required to stay inside their houses, and […]

Pitstop in Kuta for some partying and shopping

Our next destination was ideally going to be Canggu, a more suburban area that we stumbled across by chance while exploring the area when we first rented a bike from Kuta. We wanted to go stay at a surf hostel there straight after leaving Sanur. This wasn’t possible because it was fully booked, so we […]