Kelimutu’s Three Coloured Lakes: Third time lucky!

The three coloured lakes of Mt. Kelimutu are arguably Flores’s biggest tourist attraction, and they incentivised Norman and I to road trip across Flores to go and see them. They are supposedly very beautiful at sunrise, so we had mentally prepared ourselves for a 4AM wake up call. That would give us enough time to […]

Trans Flores Roadtrip: Part 1

Having done extremely minimal planning (basically none at all), and armed with just a free tourism booklet on Flores, we set off on our motorbike across Flores. We made for quite a sight – the 2 of us and our 2 bags squeezed onto 1 motorbike. The guy we rented the motorbike from suggested that […]

Komodo Dragons, Sharks and Manta Rays

Labuan Bajo offers a lot in terms of adventure, and that it one of the reasons I was so excited to spend a few days there! It is the perfect base from which to go on a trip to see komodo dragons, dive with sharks and manta rays, and go trekking to see waterfalls. As […]

Hello, Sumbawa, not so nice to meet you.

Several people recommended that we give Sumbawa a miss completely. It is the island East of Lombok, and doesn’t have any major tourist attractions except surfing. Norman was even considering not going, but the surfing just sounded too promising, so we missioned on over from Lombok. I say missioned because it really was a mission. […]

Kuta, Lombok: The Polar Opposite of Kuta, Bali

You don’t have to be in Kuta, Lombok for longer than a minute to realise how starkly it contrasts Kuta, Bali, and in the best way possible. Kuta, Lombok is rustic and authentic… it is dotted with local warungs, pot holes and cows. It isn’t much more than a main road with some side streets. […]

Chasing Swell: The Mission to Desert Point

Surfers can be pretty technical for supposed ‘chilled out’ people. Some check swell reports meticulously, scouring the digits in the hope of finding the perfect combo. And when they find it, wherever it may be, they are willing to travel many hours to find the wave. Desert Point is a wave in the southern half […]